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Version 6.17 Released!

Added the Steam Oven, another way to use Steam. In this case it allows you to smelt many items at once. I think you’ll like this one. 😉


Download Here

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Steam Oven, a 2x2x2 Multi-block structure that uses Steam to smelt items.
  • NEW: Added helpful tooltips to all Multi-block items.
  • CHANGE: Plate recipes now output 4 plates each, instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: Reduced chance that the Turbine Rotor will take damange from 1/150 to 1/200.
  • CHANGE: Banned burning of IC2 Scrap in all RC Machines. "We don't run Boilers on rocks 'round here, nope!"
  • FIX: Fixed an infinite loop in the Anchor Cart inventory code.
  • FIX: Signal Boxes can no longer be placed in invalid locations (floating).
  • FIX: Fixed AI pathfinding properly this time.
  • FIX: Fixed various issues with some of the alternate smelting recipes.
  • FIX: Added missing GUI trigger for Signal Block Relay Boxes and fixed derpy blinkage (again).
  • FIX: Changed Nether Brick Wall recipe so it doesn't conflict with Nether Brick Fences.

New Video: How to train your Golem

Time to make some golems to help us around the lab!

Sorry for the lack of regular videos these last few days, but my voice is on the mend and you can expect a return to regularly scheduled programming!

Version 6.16 Released!

A bunch of improvements for Signals in this update. New Boxes, new features, and some long promised features have been added.

Also the Undercutter got a rework. Should be a bit more useful now.

Download Here

Change Log:

  • INFO: Updated UE API (Do I even need to list this anymore?).
  • NEW: Undercutter can now place most any block that you can put tracks on. Additionally, it can place blocks to the sides as well.
  • NEW: Added Signal Block Relay Box, this box acts like a Block Signal but has other additional features.
  • NOTE: Relay Box can act as a Signal Block Relay allowing you chain blocks together, even around corners. ie. It can be paired with two other Signals (or Relays).
  • NOTE: Relay Box can also interact with adjacent Boxes, for example Controller or Capacitor Boxes, and emits redstone.
  • NEW: Added Signal Capacitor Box, when placed next to a Signal Receiver Box, it will emit redstone for a specified duration from the time the Receiver Box starts emitting.
  • NEW: Added Dual-Head Distant Signal. This Signal possesses two receivers and can be paired to two controllers.
  • NEW: Added custom Repair Recipe for Turbine Rotors, combine the Rotor with any number of Blades in a crafting grid to repair the Rotor by 2500 per blade (max damage is 30k).
  • NEW: Steel Tools and Armor can now be recycled in the Blast Furnace to get most (but not all) of the materials back, regardless of damage.
  • NEW: Added Signal Circuit. All Block Signals now use this Circuit.
  • CHANGE: Painted Metal Posts can now be harvested with Silk Touch without losing their paint.
  • CHANGE: Buffed Blaze Rods to 800 heat.
  • CHANGE: Steam Locomotive water input slot limited a stackSize of 4.
  • CHANGE: Upgrade Signal Block code to use the new pairing API. There may be bugs. Please let me know if existing Signal Blocks fail to convert seamlessly.
  • CHANGE: Circuit Items got new textures and recipes and were combined under one item ID. Any existing circuits will disappear from your world.
  • CONFIG: Added option to adjust Blast Furnace processing time if you are using Steel in place of IC2 Refined Iron.
  • CONFIG: Added config options for the itemID of the item used as Anchor Fuel and whether they can be automated with Pipes, etc...
  • FIX: Switches and Wyes should be less likely to switch while a Train is traversing them.
  • FIX: Increased Locomotive damage to 50 in order to kill Endermen.
  • FIX: Added some additional safety checks to the Iron Tank renderer.
  • FIX: Fixed AI pathfinding with Posts and Gated Tracks.
  • FIX: Fixed the Rail recycling recipe to match the new Track costs.
  • API: Removed all the Signal Block stuff from the API, its not needed in there and needed to be rewritten anyway. No one was actually using that stuff right?
  • API: Some minor non-breaking additions to SignalAspect. Update at leisure.
  • API: Added a new function to the BlastFurnaceCrafting interface. This should be a non-breaking change, it will just log any errors and refuse to add the new recycling recipes. Update at leisure.

New Video: Zombies in the Dark

I finish up the room and install the Angry Zombie spawner.

New Video: Lost in my Basement

Yep, its time for another installment of my Let’s Play series.

In this video I get a bit distracted, but also get an opportunity to show off some of the standard equipment I care around.

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