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Video: Bootstrapping a Boiler

Ep35, up and ready for all you steam buffs out there!

Video: Pipeworks, The Beginning

Ep34 here! Tunnels and Pipes!

Video: A Pinch of Magic

Ep33 here! Time to unlock the skills of a Minecraft Demigod (Wand of Equal Trade)!

Version – Some bug fixes

Some bug fixes, one critical, and an update to the new IC2 Experimental Branch API.

Download Here

And remember to drop some change in my collection for MineCon if you appreciate my work!

Change Log:

  • INFO: Updated IC2 API to Expiremental IC2 branch.
  • FIX: Added info about the NeedsRefuel routing condition to the manual.
  • FIX: Fixed possible crash when breaking a Signal.
  • FIX: Loaders should be able to insert tickets into Locomotives for real this time.

Video: Lean, Mean, Bee Machine

Ep32 here and its a long one! Bit late yes, but sometimes life does get in the way. =(

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