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Video: The Wonders of Pipe Wire

Episode 60 is up!

Version – Sequencer/Interlock Boxes

New version up, with a couple of new Signal Boxes and other things!

Download Here

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Signal Interlock Box, each one can be paired with a controller and receiver, chain them together to create an Interlock.
  • NEW: Added Signal Sequencer Box, outputs to each side in turn when pulsed by Redstone Repeater/Receiver Box, chainable.
  • NEW: Added Creosote Wood Block.
  • NEW: Added Steel Anvil, twice the durability, can enchant up to level 50.
  • NEW: Thaumcraft Integration: Aspects + Thaumium Crowbar
  • NEW: Rock Crusher will suck up items tossed on top like a Hopper. Items that can't be crushed will be destroyed. Uses energy.
  • NEW: Rock Crusher will damage Entities on top. Uses energy.
  • CHANGE: Rock Crusher now produces crushed IC2 Ores instead of dusts.
  • CHANGE: Re-enabled Boiler Explosions (they were disabled because of the Fluid update).
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Energy Cart capacities/tiers to match new IC2 values, added CESU Cart, removed MFSU Cart.
  • CHANGE: Increase Cart render distance significantly.
  • CHANGE: Signal Capacitor Box can now accept input from Redstone repeaters.
  • CHANGE: Signal Capacitor Box can now "pass through" a Signal Aspect between two boxes.
  • CHANGE: Steam Ovens can be placed with corners touching (experimental).
  • CHANGE: Heavily damaged Refined Firestones have a small chance to become Cracked Firestones. Remains usable and can be repaired, but less efficient and other penalties.
  • CHANGE: Heavily damaged Cracked Firestones have a small chance to become Raw Firestones.
  • CHANGE: Firestone heat value reduced 500 -> 250.
  • CHANGE: Firestone heatup bonus reduced 40x -> 30x.
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Fuel/Biofuel Boiler default heat values as per Player's new balance paradigm. 1/4th previous values.
  • CONFIG: Added configs for scaling Fuel/Biofuel Boiler heat values.
  • FIX: Boilers still lose heat if broken.
  • FIX: Quarried Stone can generate again.
  • FIX: Train Dispenser no longer thinks its inventory is only 3 slots.
  • FIX: You can now harvest Firestone Ore even without silktouch.

Video: Fledging Rail Industry

Episode 58 here and we start a new project and get into some more complex automation.

Video: The Pech Invasion

Episode 57 is finally here! My voice stealing cold banished, I return to my house to find someone else has taken up residence in my absence…

Calling for Help

Many of you have probably noticed that wiki has been languishing unupdated for a while now. There are a couple reasons for this. For one, the time I once had to keep it updated has been consumed by helping to maintain Buildcraft and Forestry as well as by my Let’s Play series. But additionally, part of the reason is that I have decided to move the wiki away from Wikispaces. There are several reasons for the move, but I won’t bore you with the details, it just enough to say that Wikispace has become somewhat unmanageable and inflexible in regards to my vision for what I’d like to see from the wiki.

On that note, I’ve been slowly working on a side project for the last couple of months, and its I think its time to reveal it. So welcome to the wiki of the future. All the text data has been migrated from the old wiki and most of the syntax has been converted. However, I’m left with the somewhat tedious job of cleaning up each page, tagging them, and reimplementing the recipes.

And this leads to the purpose of this post, I need some energetic individuals to help me polish the rough edges of the new wiki. There are basic instruction about editing on the wiki. Any further questions/comment should be directed to the #railcraft channel.

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