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Version – Forge Bump

Another hot-fix to bump the Forge version to for the Replaceable TileEntity Fix for the Hidden Tracking Blocks.

Download Here

Change Log:

  • INFO: Forge req bumped to for the Replacable TileEntity Bug fix.
  • CHANGE: Energy Detectors now use Tin Plates instead of Tin Ingots.
  • CHANGE: Minor tweak to Boiler fuel use code to fix some weird math when using non-standard config settings.
  • FIX: Fixed a dupe bug with copying Routing Tables.
  • FIX: Catch and handle network sync errors caused by corrupted TileEntities.
  • FIX: Feed Station no longer crashes when feeding Wolves.
  • FIX: Fixed an infinite loop that could occur if you place certain tracks in odd configurations.

Video: The Gift That Keeps On Giving Machine

Episode 75 of the Dark Tower is out along with a World Download! Be sure to keep an eye on my Youtube Channel for new videos, I’ve been rather lax about posting them here.

World Download: Episode 75 – MC 1.6.4

Version – Gift Cart Fix

Quick Railcraft update to fix rendering of Gift Carts. Can’t have that broken for Christmas now can we!

Download Here

Change Log:

  • FIX: Gift Cart should no longer render as TNT.

Version – Stone Lamps

Time for a new version of Railcraft!

This version has some changes that will HAVE to have if you want to upgrade your world to MC 1.7 at some point. If you don’t install this version or any following versions for 1.6.4 before upgrading to MC 1.7, you will lose a number of items during the upgrade. That said, there are no plans for a MC 1.7 version any time in the near future and won’t be until after Forge has been updated.

Download Here

Change Log:

  • NEW: Add Stone Lamps.
  • NEW: Added MultiPart support for Bricks/Cubes/Glass.
  • NEW: Add Creosote Block varients of Stairs and Slabs.
  • NEW: Tagged a bunch more stuff with Thaumcraft Aspects.
  • CHANGE: Reworked Boiler math to eliminate heat-up costs.
  • CHANGE: Unified and standardized all Steam production code in all devices.
  • CHANGE: Fuel adjustments: Blaze Rods 800->1000, Coal 3200->1600, Coke 6400->3200, Coke Block 57600->28800 (fixes Short overflow issues with furnaces).
  • CHANGE: Reduce Coke Oven cook time: 3000 -> 1800
  • CHANGE: Turbine Guage is now a TESR. (Renderer provided by Player)
  • CHANGE: You can now specify a side for the Dismount Track to dismount on.
  • CHANGE: Reduce chance of Firestone breaking.
  • CONFIG: Added option to set the output of the Creosote Torch Recipe.
  • CONFIG: Added multiplier for Fuel to Steam Conversion values.
  • CONFIG: Move Fluid configs from World Gen to Fluids where are supposed to be.
  • FIX: Register all missing Items with FML for 1.7. You MUST install this version or newer before upgrading a world from 1.6->1.7.
  • FIX: Add some more error checking and handling to the Routing Logic to prevent possible crashes on malformed syntax.
  • FIX: Carts can't collide when dead, fixes some issues with Nether Portals.
  • FIX: Various minor performance tweaks to Boilers, Rolling Machines, etc...
  • FIX: Fix stack overflows and faulty counting in Train Detector.
  • FIX: Firestone heating bonuses are no longer applied to the cooldown process, only heatup. Oops.
  • FIX: Firestone Ore, Raw Firestone, etc... are all immune to fire and lava now.
  • FIX: Firestone should not randomly vanish anymore.
  • FIX: Firestone no longer crashes the Tunnel Bore.
  • FIX: Fix lighting on cart contents rendering in dark places.
  • FIX: Fixed Tank Cart uncrafting recipe returning wrong items.
  • API: IPostConnection was modified somewhat, in a hopefully non-critical manner.
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