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Version – Ore Seams!

Its that time again! Update time!

This version brings a new feature which is Stage 1 of the Electric Locomotive Project. That being Tin and Copper World Gen which will be used in the crafting of Electric Tracks and Locomotives. This Ore Gen is unique in that it spawns “seams” of low quality Ores, giving you a reason to establish a semi-permanent mine in the regions in which they spawn (complete with railways!). Poor Ores refine into Nuggets rather than Ingots. Enjoy!

I am currently working in earnest on the Electric Locomotive that was unlocked via Patreon support. This is going to be a pretty major system with a decent amount of content: new Locomotive, new Tracks, a new OreGen system for Copper/Tin and other Metals (done!), and more.

Please forgive the confusing mess that is CurseForge. They seems to have removed the ability for me link to the download page for a specific file and instead redirect you to a list files to download.

Download Here

Additionally, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look!

Change Log:

  • NEW: Poor Ore Seams. Seams of Poor Ore for Iron, Gold, Tin, and Copper will now spawn in the world. Cook the Ore to get Nuggets.
  • NEW: Added Railcraft Villager and Structure to Villages. (credits to AEnterprise for the initial code)
  • FIX: Refuse to extract zero stack items from inventories, fixes pulling infinite items from Barrels.
  • FIX: Close file resources after loading textures because apparently MC doesn't do it for us.
  • FIX: Removed config options pertaining to IC2 Refined Iron, since it no longer exists and they were crashing with newer Forge versions.
  • FIX: Call markDirty() on inventories.
  • FIX: Snow Slabs are crafted with Snow Layers, not Blocks. Fixes recipe conflict.
  • FIX: Apply mad hacks to make pathfinding stop trying to jump over my Walls.
  • FIX: Various bug fixes mostly related to left over 1.7 issues.
  • FIX: Converted Tank Cart Filter recipes to a Custom Recipe, fixes issues with incorrect items being mapped.
  • FIX: Fix minecart deconstruction recipes, they should now return the cart contents correctly.
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