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Patreon Milestone Reached!

Thanks for all the support everyone! We’ve reached the $400 milestone on Patreon, which unlocks a new license for Railcraft, ditching the requirement for explicit permission for public mod packs! My sanity thanks you all!

The new license can be read at

However, please be aware that you must still meet all the other requirements for a Public Mod Pack, specifically the requirement for a Public Licensing Page!

And if you haven’t, be sure to check out my Patreon page for rewards (Beta Access including MC 1.7.10, Custom Emblems, etc….) and other milestones if you haven’t already!

Additionally, I suppose I should post a progress report on the first two milestones. Which frankly we hit way faster than I expected when I originally drew them up!

The Electric Locomotive has shown great progress. We have a locomotive model, textures (mostly), most of the locomotive code, track code, and track textures. Unfortunately, real life and the update for Minecraft 1.7.10 has worked to sidetrack me away from the Locomotive. However, now that most of the hard work for 1.7.10 is done, I should be able to get back to the Locomotive shortly. As for the second Milestone, that will have to wait until I finish the Locomotive. I haven’t even started it yet, sorry!


And on the topic of the 1.7.10 update, Beta Testers currently have it (remember that’s a Patreon reward). However, it currently has a major localization issue with the latest versions of Forge. None of the language files are being read. I still need to track that down, and see whether its going to require me to switch completely to the Minecraft’s built in localization library. If that happens, it will unfortunately invalidate all the existing language files that people have put so much work into. We’ll see. I don’t suppose that anyone can point me at a advanced text replacement tool that can read and perform a large number of regex text replacement expressions from a rule file and supports unicode utf-8 source files? Notepad++ won’t cut it for something of this scale. Anyway, once that issue is solved, it’ll be ready for a public release.

Once again, thanks for the support!

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