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MineCon 2015 Plans & Patreon Goals

Hey all! Got my MineCon tickets today. So if you plan to be there, keep an eye out for me. Look for the FTB/Forgecraft people, I’ll probably be hanging out with them. I hope to get a shirt with my name on it this year so everyone can see who I am.

But anyway, I wanted to take a moment and let you in on a nice opportunity to show your support with a new feature for Railcraft. Because of the expense for airfare to London ($1,500!), I thought I’d run a little funds drive. So I’ve taken a feature that has been long on my “would be nice, but will probably never happen” list and made it the reward if you guys can boost my Patreon to $600 before MineCon. This feature wasn’t even on my roadmap (current roadmap: ChemLab/Diesel, RF Bat Cart, Thaumcraft Loco, Pantographs), but I think you guys will really like it. I’m keeping the exact feature a surprise for moment, but I’ll be giving out hints over the next few months. Hint #1: It will change the way you play Railcraft and design your railways completely. Keep an eye on my twitter for more hints in the coming weeks.

Again, that is a $600 Patreon Goal. Its really not that much, we are already around $500. Head over to Patreon and take a look!

Also I should be posting a new Railcraft version soon, mostly a housecleaning update with some improvements and bugfixes that are long overdue.

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