Buildcraft Emerald Pipes

So taking a break from Railcraft today, I gave some attention to Buildcraft. Specifically, I added a new type of pipe, Emerald Pipes.



I think your going to like these. There are both Item and Liquid versions of the Emerald Pipes.

Emerald Pipes are upgraded versions of Wooden Pipes.

The Liquid Pipe is simply just an extraction pipe with the flow rate and capacity of Gold Pipes, removing one of the major bottlenecks of Liquid Pipes.

Now the Item Pipe is bit more impressive than the Liquid version, so impressive in fact that it may prove to be game changer.

It posses a GUI with 9 filter slots, these slots define what items the pipe will extract from the inventory. Even more useful is the fact that it extracts items that match the filters in a blocking Round Robin manner. Meaning you have a pipe that can spit out two cobble for every dirt, or some other combination.

I’ll let you think about that for a while. The typical response eventually seems to be “MIND BLOWN!”

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  1. troyman says:

    Your right mind=blown!

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