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MineCon 2015 Plans & Patreon Goals

Hey all! Got my MineCon tickets today. So if you plan to be there, keep an eye out for me. Look for the FTB/Forgecraft people, I’ll probably be hanging out with them. I hope to get a shirt with my name on it this year so everyone can see who I am.

But anyway, I wanted to take a moment and let you in on a nice opportunity to show your support with a new feature for Railcraft. Because of the expense for airfare to London ($1,500!), I thought I’d run a little funds drive. So I’ve taken a feature that has been long on my “would be nice, but will probably never happen” list and made it the reward if you guys can boost my Patreon to $600 before MineCon. This feature wasn’t even on my roadmap (current roadmap: ChemLab/Diesel, RF Bat Cart, Thaumcraft Loco, Pantographs), but I think you guys will really like it. I’m keeping the exact feature a surprise for moment, but I’ll be giving out hints over the next few months. Hint #1: It will change the way you play Railcraft and design your railways completely. Keep an eye on my twitter for more hints in the coming weeks.

Again, that is a $600 Patreon Goal. Its really not that much, we are already around $500. Head over to Patreon and take a look!

Also I should be posting a new Railcraft version soon, mostly a housecleaning update with some improvements and bugfixes that are long overdue.

Video: MineCon Recap

Episode 63 of The Dark Tower is up! Very very late, but up!

Minecon 2013

So I’m leaving shortly for Minecon, hope to see some of you guys there! I might be on the modder panel (I’m a little lost on the plans for that one), but I should definitely be at Dire’s Meet the Modders thing!

And many thanks once again to everyone who helped make this possible, you people are great!

There should be another episode of The Dark Tower up on Nov 2, its an extra long one, so it will have to tide you over until either the 6th or 8th depending on how tired I am when I get back. =P

MineCon Fundraiser Complete!

The MineCon Fundraising Drive is complete! I want to thank everyone who’s donated! You guys are awesome for making this possible!

And don’t forget if you donated $5 or more you can fill out the Beta Access Form for Beta Build and #railcraft-dev access.

Tickets, reservations, etc.. are all acquired and ready. All that remains is setting my alarm clock (6 AM flight, ick!). 😉

If you’d still like to donate, you are more than welcome. My normal donate link can be found on one of the widgets to the right side of the page or on the Railcraft download page.

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