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Author Topic: Routing Tables copy paste
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Post Routing Tables copy paste
on: January 12, 2018, 07:49

Hi, I'm new here, and I registered so I can ask this: Where can I edit routing tables in the server files (so which files should I be looking for in Window's Explorer on the server pc) or how do I copy paste text into the ingame Routing Table editor?

I have built us on our server a massive train network that needs upgrading from the 6 different destinations it served to 24. In Excel, I was able to figure out 40 long lists for 40 Routing tables to be used at my 10 grand junctions. They concern destination orders and color filters to passing locomotives.
I am unable to find and open the routing tables in any of the server files to quickly copy paste my lists to the pre-existing routing tables from within Windows, OR copy pasting these lists to the ingame editor to Routing tables. The latter gives no text; there is no paste text from windows capability to Railcraft it seems. For clarity; I copy pasted the lists to notepad first to delete any formatting info, so I basically want to paste plain text into Railcraft. I am facing 1384 records to be put in these 40 book-like Routing Tables, and I am not going to copy type them out myself; due to time and the risks to errors.

Can anyone help me? (I was hoping to find something like computercraft disks; they get stored on your server, each disk it's own seperate folder, editable in Notepad+, or in Minecraft Computer terminals that do accept long strings of text to be pasted from Windows. Or even use Pastebin pages. 'Cause serious programming does take place in worthy editors, not Minecraft.

So how do I get my lists into the actual ingame Routing tables? Thank you in advance.

Edit: I found out copying text from notepad into the ingame Railcraft Routing Table editor accepts text, but no breaks :s
I am running Railcraft_1.7.10-

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