My First Video

So I thought I’d give youtube a try and upload some videos. My first being a tour of my development test world. I hope you enjoy it!

Unfortunately, future videos will probably only be available in 480p as opposed to 720p. It turned out that my sucky internet took an hour to upload every 2 mins of 720p video, making this 6 min long video take 3 hours to upload. T_T


  1. hoho says:

    You did compress the video before uploading, right? 3h per 6 minutes would be about the speed of dial-up if you did do it.

  2. CovertJaguar says:

    I used Bandicam’s youtube720p preset. Which was about half the size of the video fraps was outputing.

  3. hoho says:

    I recorded about 48s of MC with that same bandicam’s 720p preset and it gave me a raw video of 78MB. Using Avidemux to re-encode it to h.264 at 10000kbit/s average bitrate lowered the file size to about 55MB with absolutely no quality degrading, at 5000kbit/s file size got down to 29MB with somewhat lower quality.

    I’m quite sure it’s possible to fine-tune the settings to reduce the file size to at least 1/3’rd of whatever bandicam puts out without lowering quality too much. I’d even say that somewhat muddy 720p is likely significantly better than non-muddy 480p just because reading text would be far easier at higher resolution.

    So, yeah, some food for thought there 🙂

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