Railcraft – Cargo Carts


Yep, those Minecarts have items in them. One thing that has been long on the todo list is to add filters to the Chest Cart. This should help make moving items easier, and look cool while doing it! Anyway have fun!

Download Here

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. Even better is the new Dark Tower goal! If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Cargo Cart, a filterable Cart for moving items.
  • NEW: Locomotive Limiter can now put Locomotives into reverse. (contribution by cruck1000)
  • CHANGE: Tin Bushing can now spawn in Mineshaft and Workshop loot chests. (contribution by Yopu)
  • CHANGE: Loader/Unloader filter slots now match against custom Cart names. (contribution by Woodstone)
  • FIX: Fixed a possible crash during Worldgen if you disable the Track block.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor interaction with FunkyLocomotion.
  • FIX: Fixed IFluidContainer dupe bugs (I hope).
  • FIX: Logging out while riding a cart should no longer take the cart with you (and break trains apart).
  • FIX: Tunnel Bore should now obey permission events when breaking blocks. (contribution by Dockter)
  • FIX: Animal Detector can now tell cows and mooshrooms apart. (contribution by cruck1000)
  • FIX: Added foundation to village workshop. (contribution by notabadminer)
  • FIX: Various Undercutter bugfixes. (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Fixed crash when Goggles are disabled. (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Loosen up Routing logic so that Locomotives don't have to be at the front of the train.
  • FIX: Ore Dictionary support expanded to newest standards. (contribution by Adaptivity)
  • FIX: Override Command Block Cart to fix interactivity issues. (contribution by liach)

Railcraft – It’s Alive!

Yes, you heard correctly! We’re back in business! If you hadn’t heard already, I suffered the loss of my primary OS partition back in June. And with it my entire development environment. The Railcraft code itself was thankfully safe, minus a few small experimental things I was toying with. This just happened to coincide with a series of trips that had planned so its taken some time to get back up and running again. This ruddy hot weather hasn’t helped either, my computer is in the hottest room in the house! But finally, the computer is back up and running and my dev environment seems to be mostly functional again, you’d be amazed at the list of programs that are required to dev and release Railcraft.

This release is mainly intended to prove to myself that I still remember how to do releases. However, it does include all the features and fixes that I diligently worked on back in May. Some of which are major quality of life fixes for the mod.

The main highlights of this update are new and redesigned Trackman’s Goggles Auras to help you build your railways. I think you’ll like them. The Tuning Aura has been redesigned for increase clarity and visibility and two new Auras have been added. The new Surveying Aura will help you pair Signal Blocks and the new Signalling Aura is a combination of the Tuning and Surveying Aura so you can see everything at once. I’ve found the new Auras help immensely with system design.

Signalling Aura

Also this update includes and completely rewritten system for passing items/fluid between carts in a Train. I’m sure you all noticed how buggy the old system was. It was also a huge pain to support and didn’t handle third party minecarts at all. The new system however changes all that! The Tunnel Bore and Maintenance Carts should all properly pull from/push to Chest Carts again and I’ve added the ability to supply Steam Locomotives with either Coal or Water from an attached Chest Cart or Tank Cart! So have fun with that!

And finally, thanks to the patience and server of one my users, Iceman11a, we have a huge number of reliability bugfixes that should have your railways running smoother and less fiddly than ever!

Download Here

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. Even better is the new Dark Tower goal! If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • NEW: Steam Locomotives can now pull fuel and water from attached carts.
  • NEW: Rewrote the entire system for moving items and fluids around within Trains. It should be more compatible and less buggy than the previous system.
  • INFO: The way the system works is that push and pull requests can only pass through carts that allow them to be passed. For example Chest Carts can pass item requests, but not fluid request. And Tank Carts can pass fluid requests but not item requests.
  • INFO: Because of the way the system works, you can either attach a Chest Cart to your Steam Locomotive to supply fuel or a Tank Cart to supply water, but not both. Choices are good.
  • NEW: Sneak-clicking with a Surveyor or Tuner will now clear the current pairing operation.
  • NEW: Redesign Tuning Aura and add Surveying Aura for the Goggles. Should be more visible now.
  • NEW: Add Signalling Goggle Aura, a combination of the Tuning and Surveying Aura.
  • FIX: Rock Crusher can now crush Entities again.
  • FIX: Disabled Tile Entity caching on Bukkit. Bukkit doesn't seem to invalidate Tile Entities correctly. This is likely the cause of most issues with Multi-blocks on Cauldron. Sadly, caching is a significant performance booster when it works.
  • FIX: Detector and Directional Detector Track should wait a few ticks before turning off the redstone. Helps prevents pulsing while trains pass over, which often led to glitchy railway logic.
  • FIX: Make Receiver Boxes occasionally update their neighbors to prevent situations where the Receiver says one thing and attached blocks another. Could happen when the Receiver was in a different chunk from the adjacent block.
  • FIX: Have Block Signals save the last known position of track end positions to NBT. Should prevent Signals from returning Yellow if the chunk on the opposite end isn't loaded. May cause traffic jams and collision if your trains don't have Anchor Carts.
  • FIX: Increase the area that Anchor Carts keep chunkloaded from 3x3 chunks to 5x5 chunks in order to help reduce chunkloading derived issues for moving Trains.
  • FIX: Boilers and Hobbyist Engines should defer water triggered explosions until their own update tick. Should prevent other mods from crashing when their block randomly disappears mid-update.
  • FIX: Disabling any blocks or items used in Rock Crusher recipes should no longer crash. Issue #602
  • FIX: Prevent Locking Tracks from reseting in the middle of a Train by searching for nearby carts that are 'almost' on the track.
  • FIX: Fix various issues with Signal and Controller/Receiver pairing that could result in dropped links and other random bugs.
  • FIX: Fix NPE in the Signal debug statements.
  • FIX: Fix minor issue with Energy Loader's IC2 integration.

Railcraft – The Improvements Update

Here is what you’ve all been waiting for! Railcraft 9.6 is here!

For those of you who have updated Forge recently, this update should resolve all your issues involving Fluids. It also includes support for IFluidContainerItems!

This update will also see the much improved new Switch code fron ssotangkur. They should be more reliable than ever!

And of course there a whole host of other improvements and bugfixes. Not a huge amount of new features, but I got caught up in a slew of bugfixes. The bigger the mod gets, the more time I have to spend doing bugfixes instead of new features, sad day!

I want to remind everyone about the MineCon Milestone drive currently active on Patreon. Get to the $600 level before MineCon and I’ll add a feature from my “probably never happen” list. I’ll give you a couple new hints: Its a destination and a journey, and it involves worldgen. More hints to come later! So stay tuned to my twitter.

Download Here

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. Even better is the new Dark Tower goal! If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • INFO: Full support for the latest Forge Fluid changes, also fully backwards compatible with older versions. May require some config tweaks for older versions.
  • NEW: Removed Forestry API files from the JAR to increase compatibility and reduce conflicts. All Forestry integration remains functional. (experimental)
  • NEW: You can now reset the Signal Tuner and Signal Block Surveyor by sneak-clicking.
  • NEW: Add Passive Anchor, does not force load chunks on game load, only when visited. Recipe uses Cyan Dye for now, but will eventually use Prismarine.
  • NEW: IFluidContainerItems should be completely supported now.
  • NEW: Add Debug in-game command that will dump data to the logs.
  • NEW: Capacitor Boxes now have a switch to determine if they should trigger on a rising or falling signal. (contribution by wshadow)
  • NEW: Improvements to the Switch code that should make them more reliable and predicable. (contribution by ssotangkur)
  • CHANGE: Loaders "Has Work" Buildcraft trigger should better reflect the actual loader status. Issue #535
  • CHANGE: Signal Block Relay Boxes now require two Signal Circuits in the recipe instead of just one.
  • CHANGE: Signal Block Relay Boxes no longer function as a Controller. If you need that functionality, put a Controller Box next to it. May break some setups.
  • CHANGE: Improve Signal Block debug print statements to help with debugging some possible issues.
  • CHANGE: Coke Block now 10x Coal Coke fuel value and is flammable. (contributions by daniel and Kamran)
  • FIX: Various chat messages that didn't before should now properly localize.
  • FIX: Personal Anchors should only tick their update (and fuel use) function once per tick...oops.
  • FIX: Fix Geode Generator. Issue #576
  • FIX: Geodes should only spawn under the ocean floor now, instead of half submerged. Issue #526 (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Melt snow on top of Smokers. Issue #530
  • FIX: The Controller Box shouldn't respond to redstone signals that don't update it. Issue #539
  • FIX: Tanks should now properly sync with the client again. Issue #545
  • FIX: Don't register research if Thaumcraft crowbars aren't defined. Issue #546
  • FIX: Invalid Multi-blocks should reject items. Issue #557
  • FIX: Fixed NPE when breaking a cart on a Routing Detector. Issue #562
  • FIX: Engines should output to IEnergyReceivers in addition to IEnergyHandlers. Issue #564
  • FIX: Signal Blocks should no longer ignore hills and valleys within the block.
  • FIX: Fix Track Layer not dropping items and expand valid replaceable blocks (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Fix stack-over-flow on circular Train.
  • FIX: SMP block sounds should work now (contribution by PaperTriangle)
  • FIX: Newly spawned Anchor Carts should attempt to force load chunks immediately instead of waiting for an entityEnteredChunk event.
  • FIX: Fixed localization issues with Track GUIs.
  • FIX: Disabling the Factory Module should no longer prevent you from cooking Abyssal and Quarried Stone.
  • FIX: Attempt to make Train objects survive linking and cart deaths (unlinking still needs work).
  • FIX: Anchor Cart should no longer request Chunkloader Tickets if the entity is dead.
  • FIX: Crowbar should no longer attempt to link dead carts.
  • FIX: Train Detector should no longer count dead carts as part of a Train. Issue #536
  • FIX: Crowbar Destruction Enchantment can no longer perform alchemy. Issue #519 (contribution by WoodStone)
  • FIX: Hide the Tank Valves Animation Tank from TankInfo calls. Issue #381
  • FIX: Properly Handle Invalid Regex Syntax in Routing Tables. Issue #518
  • FIX: Don't try to define Brick recipes if disabled. Issue #513
  • FIX: Reduce logging levels so that more log messages get sent to the log file instead of the console.

MineCon 2015 Plans & Patreon Goals

Hey all! Got my MineCon tickets today. So if you plan to be there, keep an eye out for me. Look for the FTB/Forgecraft people, I’ll probably be hanging out with them. I hope to get a shirt with my name on it this year so everyone can see who I am.

But anyway, I wanted to take a moment and let you in on a nice opportunity to show your support with a new feature for Railcraft. Because of the expense for airfare to London ($1,500!), I thought I’d run a little funds drive. So I’ve taken a feature that has been long on my “would be nice, but will probably never happen” list and made it the reward if you guys can boost my Patreon to $600 before MineCon. This feature wasn’t even on my roadmap (current roadmap: ChemLab/Diesel, RF Bat Cart, Thaumcraft Loco, Pantographs), but I think you guys will really like it. I’m keeping the exact feature a surprise for moment, but I’ll be giving out hints over the next few months. Hint #1: It will change the way you play Railcraft and design your railways completely. Keep an eye on my twitter for more hints in the coming weeks.

Again, that is a $600 Patreon Goal. Its really not that much, we are already around $500. Head over to Patreon and take a look!

Also I should be posting a new Railcraft version soon, mostly a housecleaning update with some improvements and bugfixes that are long overdue.

Version – The Miscellaneous Update

Now that the holidays and football are out of the way, its time to buckle down and make some progress on Railcraft! We have here release 9.5, a hard to categorize beast. It has some cool new features, but they are mostly just refinements of existing gameplay. Once again we have many contributions from the community: Yopu, ssotangkur, wooky, and more.

To summarize the update, from me we have a bunch of Routing Logic improvements. Wooky rewrote the Analog Controller Box to be more flexible by allowing you input specific Redstone values and ranges. Ssotangkur rewrote the Locking Track logic to be even more robust and reliable, he is working on the Switch Tracks as well but wasn’t able to work all the kinks out in time for 9.5. Iron/Steel Tank Valves now interact with Comparators thanks to daniel and Yopu. And Yopu added a Void Metal Crowbar for Thaumcraft. Add to all that a slew of bug-fixes (even if I don’t have time to work on features, no bug is safe from my bug swatter) and we have another great update! Enjoy!

One last thing, I finally (after much nashing of teeth) have a new microphone. This update doesn’t have much worthy of a video, but I still owe you guys a 9.4 update video. So expect that in the next couple weeks! Additionally, I’ve added a new Patreon milestone goal. If you guys can reach $800, I’ll resurrect the Dark Tower youtube series! Just throwing that out there. Cheers!


Download Here

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. Even better is the new Dark Tower goal! If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • INFO: Update BC API to 6.3.1+
  • INFO: Update Forestry API to 3.4+
  • INFO: Update Thaumcraft and Redstone Flux APIs.
  • NEW: Add Regular Expression support to Dest and Name Routing Conditionals. Uses '?=' as keyword. Example: "Dest?=*.Hill"
  • NEW: Add comparator support to Iron/Steel Tanks. (contribution by daniel and Yopu)
  • NEW: Add Thaumcraft Void Metal Crowbar (contribution by Yopu)
  • NEW: Add Packed Ice Stairs and Slabs.
  • NEW: Added Less Than/Greater Than modes to the Item Detector.
  • NEW: Add a new Routing Table conditional, "Type=", for matching against Minecart item names.
  • NEW: Add new Routing Table conditionals, "Ridden=" and "Riding=", for checking if someone is riding a train.
  • NEW: Modify the Routing Table "Name=" conditional to accept "null" to indicate that the Minecart does not have a custom name.
  • CHANGE: Rewrite Analog Controller Box to be more flexible. It now allows ranges. (contribution by wooky)
  • CHANGE: Loosen up fluid transfer rates for Tanks and Boilers, we want to support mods other than Buildcraft better.
  • FIX: Rewrite Locking Track Logic to be more dependable (contribution by ssotangkur)
  • FIX: Don't send non-breakable-space (nbsp) characters to the Font Renderer as it seems that Minecraft can't correctly render them. Fixes issues with number formatting in certain locales.
  • FIX: Fix Tank Cart Item Rendering so its not randomly transparent.
  • FIX: Tweak Fluid Loader logic and add Fluid Filter slot. Fixes #442 Closes #421
  • FIX: Track Tiles should override shouldRefresh() to prevent metadata changes from wiping the TileEntity.
  • FIX: Fix particle velocity values.
  • FIX: Ensure that Gears and Plates are initialized in pre-init when Factory is disabled and Locomotives are enabled.
  • FIX: Fix the code that allows the Furnace Cart to accept any type of Fuel.
  • FIX: Fix Locomotive shift-clicking.
  • FIX: Fixed corruption issues with the Analog Controller Box, the two Distant Signal variants and the Signal Relay Box caused by reordering the metadata mappings when the Analog Controller Box was added.
  • FIX: Track Layer now ignores plants. (Yopu)
  • FIX: Possible fix for IC2 EnergyNet issues (Issue #404)
  • FIX: Various minor fixes to Force Tracks. Make unbreakable and remove from creative.
  • FIX: Tweak track item creation, should eliminate stacking issues.
  • FIX: Locomotives shouldn't forget Emblems when broken.
  • FIX: Add a hack to keep Gregtech from removing my Locomotive Painting and Emblem recipes.
  • CONFIG: Add config option to explicitly disable the generation of new Tracking Aura blocks.
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