Railcraft – Auto-Couplers + New Addon

Another Minecraft 1.7.10 update here, mostly a collection of pull requests and bug fixes. As for 1.8, I’m still slaving away on the code with no eta in sight. Anyway, have fun with

Here we have a short video demostrating the changes in with a quick update on 1.8 progess. Enjoy!

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions!
I’d also like to announce a new Railcraft addon, Railcraft Cosmetic Additions by Cream-Tea. It will require Railcraft, so make sure you are up to date! It adds a number of new blocks and variants of existing blocks designed to make your railways even fancier. I know a lot of people wanted Semaphores for a long time, well they are here! Now go watch Cream-Tea’s video!

Download Railcraft Cosmetic Additions

There are also a few more minor features and additions and well as some well needed bugfixes. Anyway, have fun!

Download Railcraft

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Auto-Coupler Mode to Coupler Track. Any cart that passes over this track will couple to the next cart it collides with. (contribution by Cream-tea)
  • NEW: Add support for IC2 Classic. (contribution by Speiger)
  • CHANGE: Reworked harvest tools for the entire mod. Tracks and related blocks are by default harvestable by the crowbar instead of pickaxes. Other blocks are either axe or pickaxe depending on material.
  • FIX: Signals and Boxes now use a TESR for rendering the lights, resulting in less render refreshes. (contribution by Vexatos and Player)
  • FIX: Fix OreDict tag in Tin Plate recipe. (issue #781)
  • FIX: Fix issues with server/client sync of filtered Carts.
  • FIX: Only cache Tile Entities located in the same chunk as the cache. Should resolve untold issues with Signals and Multi-Blocks.
  • FIX: Improve High Speed explosion logic to take into account the comparison of Train objects. Might result in less unpredictable explosions.
  • FIX: Fixed NPE in Anchor Chunkloader code caused by mismatched worlds.
  • API: SignalBlock was moved to the API so that addons can create new Signal blocks.

One comment

  1. RoAlex OsMu says:

    Hello, I would like to thank you for the incredible of this mod Minecraft, unfortunately I can not donate because I do not have any money but if I did, I would donate them what you deserve! My comment here is mainly is to give a suggestion and not if you you are going to take as positive, the reason that I propose is that similar to yours mod is in these super outdated times and I would like to continue taking but the creator of this mod, I quarreled with his partner and whether, was delayed and he seeks help from other modders and mod to which I refer is the famous TrainCraft, as this shows real trains and not typical minecarts of Minecraft; and they know that I want to make an alliance between his mod and mod TrainCraft, because I think some fans and these two mods want the creations of both mod unite and create the best mod for minecraft train!

    I hope you take for good and that good that soon came out a combined version of their mod and mod minecraft! Thanks and regards.

    PS: By the way, not much English and practically translated my comment from Spanish to English by Google Translate!

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