Railcraft – RF Cart + Perpetuum Locomotive

I know it’s a little unusual to post two releases at once, but that’s just the way that my available time lined up with other developments and setbacks. So, yes! Today we have two small 1.7.10 releases. Twice the fun right? Ok, maybe not.

Redstone Flux Cart
The big new feature is the Redstone Flux Cart, which can be used to move Redstone Flux energy from one location to another. It comes with accompanying Loader and Unloader.

Perpetuum Locomotive
Additionally, Forecaster (of Boiler Calc fame) has recently jumped into the world of modding. He brings us the Perpetuum Locomotive. A Creative only Locomotive that doesn’t require fuel. It currently shares the same model as the Electric Locomotive, but that may or may not be only temporary.

And before you ask, yes 1.8/1.9 is still being actively worked on. I’m a lot closer than I was last time I talked to you guys, but I’ve still got a long way to go. The code still doesn’t compile, but the number of classes without compile errors is now significantly larger than the number of classes that still have errors. Of course, I still haven’t even touched the JSON for the block renderers yet. So still plenty of work to do. Also, see you at MineCon again in September!

Download Railcraft

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Redstone Flux Cart + Loaders.
  • NEW: Fancy tooltips for the Signal blocks/boxes.
  • NEW: Added some new Admin commands for killing entities/carts.
  • NEW: You can now label Block Signals in addition to Boxes.
  • FIX: Fix right-click handling for fluid containers. (issue #776)
  • FIX: Fix NPE when looking at Signal Boxes. (issue #793)
  • FIX: Fixed excessive render refreshes when a Switch Controller touched two Switch Tracks. (issue #775)
  • FIX: Hobbyist Engine should move empty buckets to the fluid output slot. (issue #804)

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Perpetuum Locomotive, a Creative only Locomotive that doesn't require fuel of any kind. (contribution by Forecaster)
  • FIX: Wrestle missing RF Unloader textures from the maws of Git, the beast.

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