Railcraft – It’s Alive!

Yes, you heard correctly! We’re back in business! If you hadn’t heard already, I suffered the loss of my primary OS partition back in June. And with it my entire development environment. The Railcraft code itself was thankfully safe, minus a few small experimental things I was toying with. This just happened to coincide with a series of trips that had planned so its taken some time to get back up and running again. This ruddy hot weather hasn’t helped either, my computer is in the hottest room in the house! But finally, the computer is back up and running and my dev environment seems to be mostly functional again, you’d be amazed at the list of programs that are required to dev and release Railcraft.

This release is mainly intended to prove to myself that I still remember how to do releases. However, it does include all the features and fixes that I diligently worked on back in May. Some of which are major quality of life fixes for the mod.

The main highlights of this update are new and redesigned Trackman’s Goggles Auras to help you build your railways. I think you’ll like them. The Tuning Aura has been redesigned for increase clarity and visibility and two new Auras have been added. The new Surveying Aura will help you pair Signal Blocks and the new Signalling Aura is a combination of the Tuning and Surveying Aura so you can see everything at once. I’ve found the new Auras help immensely with system design.

Signalling Aura

Also this update includes and completely rewritten system for passing items/fluid between carts in a Train. I’m sure you all noticed how buggy the old system was. It was also a huge pain to support and didn’t handle third party minecarts at all. The new system however changes all that! The Tunnel Bore and Maintenance Carts should all properly pull from/push to Chest Carts again and I’ve added the ability to supply Steam Locomotives with either Coal or Water from an attached Chest Cart or Tank Cart! So have fun with that!

And finally, thanks to the patience and server of one my users, Iceman11a, we have a huge number of reliability bugfixes that should have your railways running smoother and less fiddly than ever!

Download Here

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. Even better is the new Dark Tower goal! If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • NEW: Steam Locomotives can now pull fuel and water from attached carts.
  • NEW: Rewrote the entire system for moving items and fluids around within Trains. It should be more compatible and less buggy than the previous system.
  • INFO: The way the system works is that push and pull requests can only pass through carts that allow them to be passed. For example Chest Carts can pass item requests, but not fluid request. And Tank Carts can pass fluid requests but not item requests.
  • INFO: Because of the way the system works, you can either attach a Chest Cart to your Steam Locomotive to supply fuel or a Tank Cart to supply water, but not both. Choices are good.
  • NEW: Sneak-clicking with a Surveyor or Tuner will now clear the current pairing operation.
  • NEW: Redesign Tuning Aura and add Surveying Aura for the Goggles. Should be more visible now.
  • NEW: Add Signalling Goggle Aura, a combination of the Tuning and Surveying Aura.
  • FIX: Rock Crusher can now crush Entities again.
  • FIX: Disabled Tile Entity caching on Bukkit. Bukkit doesn't seem to invalidate Tile Entities correctly. This is likely the cause of most issues with Multi-blocks on Cauldron. Sadly, caching is a significant performance booster when it works.
  • FIX: Detector and Directional Detector Track should wait a few ticks before turning off the redstone. Helps prevents pulsing while trains pass over, which often led to glitchy railway logic.
  • FIX: Make Receiver Boxes occasionally update their neighbors to prevent situations where the Receiver says one thing and attached blocks another. Could happen when the Receiver was in a different chunk from the adjacent block.
  • FIX: Have Block Signals save the last known position of track end positions to NBT. Should prevent Signals from returning Yellow if the chunk on the opposite end isn't loaded. May cause traffic jams and collision if your trains don't have Anchor Carts.
  • FIX: Increase the area that Anchor Carts keep chunkloaded from 3x3 chunks to 5x5 chunks in order to help reduce chunkloading derived issues for moving Trains.
  • FIX: Boilers and Hobbyist Engines should defer water triggered explosions until their own update tick. Should prevent other mods from crashing when their block randomly disappears mid-update.
  • FIX: Disabling any blocks or items used in Rock Crusher recipes should no longer crash. Issue #602
  • FIX: Prevent Locking Tracks from reseting in the middle of a Train by searching for nearby carts that are 'almost' on the track.
  • FIX: Fix various issues with Signal and Controller/Receiver pairing that could result in dropped links and other random bugs.
  • FIX: Fix NPE in the Signal debug statements.
  • FIX: Fix minor issue with Energy Loader's IC2 integration.


  1. rob gray says:

    would it be possible to make it so that if you craft a smoker with a dye it would emit smoke in that color? could that be included in the next update?

  2. rob gray says:

    or the update after the next update?

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