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Version Info

Railcraft Version:
Minecraft Version: 1.6.2-1.6.4
Forge Versions:
Release Date: October 29, 2013, 8:50 am
Railcraft API: Download API (for modders only)
Download Railcraft Here
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By downloading this file, you are agreeing to terms in the license posted here.

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Signal Interlock Box, each one can be paired with a controller and receiver, chain them together to create an Interlock. http://imgur.com/RoGvSNb
  • NEW: Added Signal Sequencer Box, outputs to each side in turn when pulsed by Redstone Repeater/Receiver Box, chainable.
  • NEW: Added Creosote Wood Block.
  • NEW: Added Steel Anvil, twice the durability, can enchant up to level 50.
  • NEW: Thaumcraft Integration: Aspects + Thaumium Crowbar
  • NEW: Rock Crusher will suck up items tossed on top like a Hopper. Items that can't be crushed will be destroyed. Uses energy.
  • NEW: Rock Crusher will damage Entities on top. Uses energy.
  • CHANGE: Rock Crusher now produces crushed IC2 Ores instead of dusts.
  • CHANGE: Re-enabled Boiler Explosions (they were disabled because of the Fluid update).
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Energy Cart capacities/tiers to match new IC2 values, added CESU Cart, removed MFSU Cart.
  • CHANGE: Increase Cart render distance significantly.
  • CHANGE: Signal Capacitor Box can now accept input from Redstone repeaters.
  • CHANGE: Signal Capacitor Box can now "pass through" a Signal Aspect between two boxes.
  • CHANGE: Steam Ovens can be placed with corners touching (experimental).
  • CHANGE: Heavily damaged Refined Firestones have a small chance to become Cracked Firestones. Remains usable and can be repaired, but less efficient and other penalties.
  • CHANGE: Heavily damaged Cracked Firestones have a small chance to become Raw Firestones.
  • CHANGE: Firestone heat value reduced 500 -> 250.
  • CHANGE: Firestone heatup bonus reduced 40x -> 30x.
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Fuel/Biofuel Boiler default heat values as per Player's new balance paradigm. 1/4th previous values.
  • CONFIG: Added configs for scaling Fuel/Biofuel Boiler heat values.
  • FIX: Boilers still lose heat if broken.
  • FIX: Quarried Stone can generate again.
  • FIX: Train Dispenser no longer thinks its inventory is only 3 slots.
  • FIX: You can now harvest Firestone Ore even without silktouch.

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