Version 6.15.1 Released!

As a follow up for 6.15, I have a number of tweaks and feature enhancements for the Locomotive based on some of the feedback I’ve been getting.

It works, I swear!

It works, I swear!
(note the Speed Limiters at the bottom)

Download Here

This update is more than a hotfix, but not quite worthy of a full release. Not that I imagine any of you actually care about my versioning scheme.

We have improvements for High Speed Tracks, Elevator Tracks and the Locomotives themselves. As well as a number of translation updates.

Anyway, on to the change log!

 Change Log for Version

  • NEW: Added ability to adjust a Locomotive’s Speed.
  • NEW: Added Limiter Track for controlling Locomotive Speed.
  • NEW: Added Whistle Tuner item for adjusting a Locomotive’s Whistle.
  • CHANGE: Boosted Locomotive force.
  • CHANGE: Locomotive Detector now accepts vanilla Dyes in addition to Wool for specifying the color.
  • FIX: Various tweaks to High Speed Tracks and Cart Linking to improve using Locomotives and Trains on HS Track.
  • FIX: Various tweaks to Elevator Tracks and Cart Linking to improve the ability for Trains to use Elevators. Its not perfect, but its better.
  • FIX: Fixed derpyness of World Anchors when a certain (unusual) combination of config settings is set.
  • FIX: Iceman Backpack no longer eats infinite Snowballs when full.
  • FIX: Converted sounds to mono-44100Hz Ogg files, hopefully that fixes issues some people are having with sounds.
  • FIX: Reinforced Switches and Junctions now have explosion resistance like they should.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with East-West High Speed Tracks.
  • LANG: Various translation updates.

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