Version Released!

It took a while to get here, its finally NOW!

And there is no lack of new features either! Smokers, Stairs, painted Tanks oh my!

Oh and please don’t lock your friends and coworkers in the Void Chest, Railcraft, Inc. is not responsible for any missing persons in such cases.

Download Here

Change Log:

  • INFO: Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
  • WARNING: Any BatBox, MFE, or MFSU Carts not in item form will disappear from your world when updating!
  • NEW: Added Reinforced Crowbar made from Steel.
  • NEW: Added Stairs for various blocks. Used another Block ID.
  • NEW: Added Quartz, Iron, Gold, and Diamond walls. Used another Block ID.
  • NEW: Added Smoker, a smoke emitting block, can be disabled via redstone.
  • NEW: Added Void Chest, anything put in this chest is deleted.
  • NEW: Added Admin Anchor, an uncraftable Anchor that never uses fuel (for server admins).
  • NEW: Added "All" mode to the Item Loader/Unloader. This mode is similar to Transfer, but will move any number of items matching the filter.
  • NEW: Converted Item Loader/Unloader "Wait" button into Redstone Mode controller with three modes: "Immediate", "Complete", and "Manual".
  • NOTE: Immediate: Same as if "Wait" was false. Sends cart as on the first tick that no items are moved.
  • NOTE: Complete: Same as if "Wait" was true. Holds cart until the current operation is 100% complete. Even if there are no items being moved currently.
  • NOTE: Manual: Never sends a Redstone Signal to the Track, you must activate it externally. Or via the "Send Cart" gate action.
  • NEW: Added Steel Tanks, with 32 Bucket capacity per block.
  • NEW: Iron and Steel Tanks can now be painted.
  • NEW: Added HasWork Gate Trigger and Pause Gate Action to the Steam Oven.
  • NEW: Added Signal Aspect Trigger to various things.
  • NEW: Added Analog variable power output state to the Item and Tank Detectors.
  • NEW: Blast Furnace will now pull fuel from adjacent chests.
  • NEW: Added a reverse setting to the Locomotive speed settings. Not currently settable via Tracks (is that even needed?).
  • CHANGE: Wooded Rails are now crafted at the work bench. No Rolling Machine required. Shapeless Recipe: Tie + Iron = 6 Rails.
  • CHANGE: Creosote Oil fuel value in Boilers increased by 50%. 3200 -> 4800
  • CHANGE: Tank Cart default capacity increased to 32 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Chest Carts can no longer move any liquid container with max stack size greater than 1. Config option.
  • CHANGE: Texture files reworked for new texture system.
  • CHANGE: Increased Anchor-Sentinel pairing distance, can now load 25 chunks total. Fuel usage adjusted accordingly.
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Activator Rail name/recipe to match the other Tracks.
  • CHANGE: Steam Locomotive Water Tank capacity increased to 6 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Doubled the output of the Iron Tank recipes.
  • CHANGE: Iron Tank blocks now produce 4 Steel Nuggets in the Blast Furnace instead of a full Ingot to match the new reduced Iron cost.
  • CHANGE: Moved all Aesthetic blocks to Railcraft Creative Tab.
  • CHANGE: Tuner, Surveyor, and Mag Glass moved to Railcraft Creative Tab.
  • CHANGE: Removed IC2/BC Wrench rotation support from all blocks, added Forge Rotation API support.
  • CHANGE: Removed IC2 Painter API support, added Forge Recolour API support.
  • CHANGE: Removed Legacy update code that was added back in the 5.x versions.
  • FIX: Fixed possible condition under which the Anchor Cart would load chunks in the wrong order and possibly get stuck.
  • FIX: Fixed another infinite loop in the Anchor Cart inventory code.
  • FIX: Pick Item now works in all RC GUIs.
  • API: Added IMC for adding new Sulfur Biomes, syntax = "sulfur-biome:biomeID".
  • API: Added TagList, a collection of ItemStack tags.
  • API: Massive changes including a namespace change.
  • API: Removed ItemRegistry in favor of FML's built-in ItemStack Registry in GameRegistry.


  1. JohnH says:

    Very well done mate – that would have been a lot of work. Thanks for not only keeping Railcraft updated, but also for adding new features.

  2. hoho says:

    Nice to see higher-capacity tanks. At max size your steel ones are now 20k buckets vs 16k for XYcraft. I wonder if Soaryn is going to go all out “mine is bigger” and add a few tricks to his tanks now 😀

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