Version – The Routing Update

Its finally here, over a year in planning, the ability to intelligently route Trains has arrived. It even incorporates a Ticket system so you can charge for rides.

To demonstrate it, I’ve put together a short video since I don’t have time to write a proper guide (more on that later).

So as I said, I’m short on time at the moment, I’m not going to have time nor access to work-on/support Railcraft for the next couple weeks. And admittedly, some of this update was a little rushed as I wanted to finish before I left. This mostly only affects the Routing Track and Routing Switch Motor though, as I just spent an all-nighter finishing them up. 😉

Anyway, enjoy. If you have any questions I’m sure the guys in #railcraft can help you. I’ll see you all in a week and half or so, and maybe then I can start my SSP series in force.

Download Here

Change Log:

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.5.2, but it should still work on 1.5.1.
  • NEW: Tracking Aura added to Goggles. Tracks all player movement over that last 30 minutes, even other players. Used new block ID ("block.hidden"), disabling this block will essentially disable the Tracking Aura.
  • NEW: Locomotives now accept Tickets and can be locked.
  • NEW: Added Routing Switch Motor, uses a Routing Table to automatically route Locomotives.
  • NEW: Added Routing Track, sets the Destination of a Locomotive.
  • NEW: Added Routing Detector, uses a Routing Table to match passing Locomotives.
  • NEW: Added Routing Table for defining Routing rules.
  • INFO: Routing Table in game Help page contains all the information you need to write a set of routing rules. (See also
  • NEW: Added hotkeys for controlling the Locomotives in a Train you are riding. Slower/Faster/Mode, Default Keys: < > M
  • NEW: Added config setting for Locomotive Horsepower, adjust at own risk.
  • NEW: Added vanilla ISidedInventory support when accessing adjacent Inventories.
  • NEW: Receiver Boxes, Relay Boxes, and Switch Motor GUIs have a lock button for securing the GUI.
  • NEW: Added custom recipes (Rotor Repair, Ticket/Routing Table cloning) to CraftGuide.
  • CHANGE: Removed Worldgen Biome config lists and IMCs in favor of BiomeDictionary tags. This should be more compatible out of the box and just simply work for all Biome mods.
  • CHANGE: Rewrote Detectors to store the sub-block ID in the Tile Entity instead of metadata. There may be bugs!
  • CHANGE: Solid Fueled Boiler Firebox will pull fuel from an adjacent Steam Oven if below 64 items.
  • CHANGE: More informative tool tips for Iron/Steel Tanks and Boilers.
  • CHANGE: Doubled Turbine Output to 200 EU. WARNING! This will overload any MV machines attached to the Turbine!
  • CHANGE: Changed Loader/Unloader recipes to use Hoppers for real this time, additionally they have Cobblestone around the outside like Droppers and Dispensers.
  • CHANGE: The "New Version" message now displays less frequently based on when it was last posted. (once per three days)
  • CHANGE: Geodes and Quarries now spawn Populate events with custom EventTypes (RAILCRAFT_GEODE, RAILCRAFT_QUARRY). This should allow better integration with things like Mystcraft.
  • FIX: Tank Cart Item Renderer now renders the Item in 3D in world.
  • FIX: Filtered Tank Cart recipes no longer consume the liquid used to craft them (this bug was introduced when Tank Carts moved to storing filter data in NBT).
  • FIX: Rotating Steam Ovens no longer breaks the structure.
  • FIX: Sound Handler now properly plays Tool hit sounds for blocks.
  • FIX: Fixed up first and third person item rendering a bit so it works correctly with the recent Forge changes.
  • FIX: Buildcraft Gate Triggers and Actions work again (oops).
  • FIX: Detectors provide a strong redstone signal again (oops).
  • FIX: Backpacks use proper wildcards, fixes issue with some items not being accepted.
  • FIX: Force sounds to extract to the correct folder since the MC Launcher fails at setting the working directory.
  • API: Added getHardness() method to ITrackInstance. As usual, any out of date APIs will spam the log with errors, but not crash.
  • API: Added several new interfaces related to Routing.


  1. KyeDuo says:

    uh, the change log is for 7.1.0

  2. KyeDuo says:

    nice change to the steam turbine. that was unexpected!
    and nice work on the routing stuff. Makes it possible to do routing without CC and OCS. Btw, I think you should post which forge you tested this in, just in case it is a higher version than some other mods require.

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