Version – Steam Traps & Glass

New version time again! 7.3 will probably be the last series released before porting to Minecraft 1.6. The two most interesting new features in this update are Steam Traps (love these!) and Strengthened Glass.


Steam Traps!


Strengthened Glass! It comes in 16 colors!

Download Here

Change Log:

  • NEW: Added Steam Trap and Automated Steam Trap. Uses 32 Buckets of Steam to damage entities in front of it.
  • NEW: Added Strengthed Glass. Uses new Block Id.
  • NEW: Added Torch recipe using Wool and Creosote.
  • NEW: Made it so the Entity Name is displayed in the Locomotive GUI and added a Name conditional to the Routing Logic.
  • NEW: Added sounds to Engines.
  • CHANGE: Renamed Energy Module to Steam Module.
  • CHANGE: Moved Turbine to IC2 module.
  • CHANGE: Can silk harvest ores.
  • CHANGE: Reduced Geode chances per chunk from 35% to 30%.
  • CHANGE: Liquid (Un)Loaders now have a mode button similar to Item (Un)Loaders.
  • CHANGE: Increased Liquid (Un)Loader internal tank capacity to 32 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Instead of banning Liquid Containers from the Chest cart entirely, they now comsume one slot per item regardless of stackability.
  • FIX: Activator Track recipe no longer creates Detector Tracks.
  • FIX: Inventory to Inventory interaction should no longer fail-fast, and instead try all slots.
  • FIX: Creosote Bottle should work again.
  • FIX: Snow Slabs got a different recipe due to conflicts with Snow Cover. Its now 3 Snow Cover = 3 Snow Slabs.
  • FIX: If you have the Coke Oven disabled or the Creosote smelting recipes enabled, you can no longer extract Creosote Liquid from Creosote Bottles. You can still use them to craft Ties.
  • FIX: Tank blocks now correctly convert the color when being painted.
  • FIX: Double chest interaction should be less derpy.
  • FIX: Added some validation checks to the Routing Table gui to prevent crashing on invalid NBT.
  • FIX: Liquid Loaders can now usually tell if a cart is empty even if the Loader is empty.
  • FIX: Disembarking Track should work again.
  • FIX: The Railcraft Steam Item can be disabled if another mod adds Steam. (set to 0)
  • API: Added Track Item tooltip support to TrackSpec. Should be non-breaking, just spammy if it fails.


  1. KyeDuo says:

    those steam traps are unexpected.
    Do mobs killed by the steam trap drop cooked meat (if they drop meat)? It would be a nice way to automate a food farm.

    • CovertJaguar says:

      Not currently no, but I should look into it. However, I suspect only Fire damage can do that.

      • KyeDuo says:

        what about being able to use the steam trap to cook dropped food? I know the power crafting mod has a block that can do that, it will cook food if the food is dropped directly on top of it, or on a conveyor belt above it.

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