Version – Minecraft 1.6.2

So…its been a while I admit (6 weeks?) since a release, but no more! The Railcraft 1.6.2 update is officially here!

Nothing terribly exciting, but there are some minor new things.

Download Here

And remember to drop some change in my collection for MineCon if you appreciate my work!

Change Log:

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.6.2 and Forge
  • INFO: Updated Buildcraft, Forestry, IC2, and CraftGuide APIs.
  • NEW: Added Steel Shears.
  • NEW: Added Cobble versions of all Bricks, product of crushing in Rock Crusher.
  • NEW: Added Coal Block Coke Oven recipe.
  • NEW: Added "NeedsFuel" conditional to Routing Logic.
  • NEW: Animals/Mob kills by Steam have a 50% chance to drop smelted items.
  • NEW: Added Forestry Carpenter Creosote Torch recipe.
  • NEW: Added Iron Door -> Steel Ingot Blast Furnace recipe.
  • NEW: Fluid renders now support Fluid color multipliers (Xycraft specific feature).
  • NEW: Added WikiLinks support:
  • CHANGE: Allow Embarking Track to load smaller slimes.
  • CHANGE: Nerf Water Bottles to contain only 333 mB water.
  • CHANGE: Iron/Steel Tanks can no longer be filled from the bottom and will instead automatically output Fluid into any adjacent Fluid receptacles below the tank. The mechanics for the next layer up remain the same (can fill/drain, but must pump the liquid out).
  • CHANGE: Disabled Boiler explosions temporarily until Forge adds legacy liquid support. Will be reenabled in
  • CHANGE: Tanks can now be moved without reseting their contents! Unless you swap master blocks, then it resets.
  • CONFIG: Added config to disable registration of Fluids. It is not recommended that you change this setting unless conflicts occur with other mods.
  • FIX: Fixed CraftGuide crashing on the Rotor Repair recipe if you don't have IC2 installed.
  • FIX: Coke Oven and Blast Furnace GUIs now properly sync with server.
  • FIX: Fix moving empty buckets out of Boiler fuel slots.
  • FIX: Bore can place tracks in Fake Air blocks.
  • FIX: Can place Disposal Track above Fake Air blocks.
  • API: Tweaked AbstractPair and SignalBlock some to help track down some pair dropping issues.

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