Version – The RF Update (And Laser Rails!)

Its been a grueling few days getting this ready. This is one of the biggest updates that Railcraft has had in a long time. I’ll have a video up probably some time to tomorrow about the new features.

Posting the code to GitHub has been a great success, though repository management still gives me nightmares I admit. We’ve gotten great contributions from several people, including Yopu, WoodStone, adudney, wooky, genymedes01, and others. Many thanks to all my contributors, and to all the Patrons that made it possible!

Now, flowery thank you’s aside. Lets dig into the gritty details of the update. The big ticket item, that was single-handedly responsible for delaying the release by at least a week, is the Force Track Emitter. Its been on my todo list since nearly day one before becoming a Patreon Milestone, the illusive Laser Rails are finally here! Powered by Railcraft Charge, the Force Track Emitter will extend a line of ghostly tracks across any gap, for a price of course. It can be controlled by Redstone and if you place a Locking Track on top of the Emitter, it will stop any carts from passing unless the Force Tracks are fully extended. Have fun!


Sci-Fi tech is all well and good, but what I imagine many of you have been waiting for is the Redstone Flux conversion. Yes, Railcraft is now compatible with Redstone Flux, joining Forestry and Buildcraft’s recent conversions. Additionally, the Flux Transformer has been added to convert Redstone Flux into Railcraft Charge. Its a 2x2x2 multi-block structure made of Redstone, Copper, and Gold. Attach Redstone Flux inputs and Railcraft Charge outputs to any block and it will happily convert away.

Additionally, from Yopu we have the Track Layer and Track Remover. A couple of carts that have been long requested by many people. Their names should be fairly self explanatory.

And even more!

The Crowbar has, thanks to WoodStone, received three new Enchantments: Wrecking (bonus damage), Implosion (anti-Creeper bonus damage), and Destruction (wide area deconstruction of blocks).

A Signal Box designed to interface with varying levels of Redstone Power has been added by wooky. Though the Analog Controller Box may or may not work properly, I wasn’t able to figure it out in the brief look I took at it. But I’ll make sure its working 100% by 9.5 if there are any issues.

Yopu has also added a couple of Creative only blocks for producing infinite amounts of Steam and Charge. Controlled by Redstone, they definitely make testing easier.

There are finally a number of new cosmetic options added, focusing around the newly added Metals. These include Stairs, Slabs, and Lanterns.

And of course, the usual slew of bug-fixes.

Download Here

Lastly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to my Patreon Page. There is some cool stuff over there (Beta Access, Custom Emblems, etc….) so be sure to take a look! The fact that you can now see and contribute to Railcraft’s code is a direct result of Patreon. If you’d like to continue to see even greater things, be sure to pass some support along!

Change Log:

  • INFO: Updated BC API to Buildcraft 6.1.7-6.1.8
  • INFO: Updated Thaumcraft API. (thanks to jsteenbeeke for making this easier)
  • NEW: Added Force Track Emitter, uses Charge to project energy tracks. (Patron Milestone Complete!)
  • NEW: Added Flux Transformer (Yopu, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Track Layer and Track Remover. (Yopu)
  • NEW: Added three new Crowbar exclusive enchantments: Wrecking (bonus damage), Implosion (Creeper bonus damage), Destruction (wide area deconstruction of blocks). (WoodStone, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Metal Lanterns. (WoodStone, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Copper, Tin, Lead, and Steel Stairs and Slabs
  • NEW: Added Copper Plates.
  • NEW: Added Analog Controller Box. (wooky)
  • NEW: Hitting a Signal with a Magnifying Glass will tell you what aspect it is, for those people who can't see the colors. (liach, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Admin Steam Producer, creative only, produces infinite Steam. (Yopu)
  • NEW: Added Admin Feeder Unit, creative only, produces infinite Charge. (Yopu)
  • NEW: Thaumcraft Alumentum can be used as a Blast Furnace fuel. (Yopu)
  • CHANGE: MJ API replaced with RF API. (CovertJaguar, adudney)
  • CHANGE: Information reported by the Electric Meter has been improved.
  • CHANGE: Poor Ore now produces two Nuggets.
  • CHANGE: Increase Lapotron Loader Upgrade added storage to 5M and decrease the max to six upgrades.
  • CHANGE: Improvements to the Metals Chest algorithm, now better spreads the computation over multiple ticks and will convert Nuggets, Ingots, and Blocks directly to their RC equivalents in addition to condensing them.
  • CHANGE: Make Anchor/Sentinel pairing more flexible (order of pairing no longer matters) and add more error messages.
  • CONFIG: Added Anchor Debug config option, enabling it will spam you with information about ticking anchors.
  • CONFIG: Added a config multiplier for controlling how efficiently Steam Locomotives use fuel.
  • API: Electricity package was updated to allow usage tracking of charge.
  • API: Add Rock Crusher Recipe InterModComm message. (genymedes01)
  • FIX: Fix Emblems for Electric Locomotives (Issue #365)
  • FIX: Fixed some issues with Item/Entities falling on Rock Crushers.
  • FIX: Fixed Rock Crusher death messages, added several new death messages to other damage types.
  • FIX: Fix Firestone render glitch when not using fancy rendering. (viliml)
  • FIX: Possible fix for Locking Tracks getting out of sync for some users.
  • FIX: Possible fix for code optimizer issue with walls.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor/Sentinel pairing displaying the wrong messages due to client/server differences.
  • FIX: Supported vanilla cart entities are now properly replaced with Railcraft's implementation on use. (many thanks to Yopu!)
  • FIX: Fixed crash when disabling the Locomotive Module.
  • FIX: Steam Oven textures should render correctly again. (Yopu)
  • FIX: Fix metal blocks and nuggets to actually return null when disabled. (Issue #338)
  • FIX: Add deconstruction recipe support for Hopper Cart and Furnace Cart. (Yopu)
  • FIX: Fix Firestone repair recipe dupe bug. (Yopu)


  1. wel nice updated but binnie mod is not working anymore because of update binnie/core/triggers/BinnieAction

  2. just send a message to binnie but this is a very nice mod also a nice update weldone keep up the good work

  3. Could we get the modules pages on the wiki updated? New features are awesome, but as a dude who likes disabling things for simplicity’s sake I’d like to know what went where. (And speaking of which, thanks for being so responsive on my bug report on disabling locomotives.)

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