Video: Cozying up with Creepers by the Fire

Episode 52 is up. Have at it!

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  1. KyeDuo says:

    Forget enchanting boots, get iChun’s portal gun mod and use the long fall boots from there. You’ll never die from falling again, provided you remember to wear them. 😛
    I recommend you work on alvearies to lower your need for frames, but that takes royal jelly and pollen which means imperial and industrious bees.
    Oh, I don’t know if this is from optifine or in MC general, but in my 1.4.7 version I can hit F7 and the game will put a red cross hatch pattern on blocks where the light level gets low enough that mobs will spawn, have enough room for mobs to spawn, and that they will spawn on those blocks. This has been an immense help for me to deal with anti-mob spawning lighting.

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